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Christophe Kerebel

I’m Christophe Kerebel, the guy who created the photo and video gallery you like to visit and share my love for lights.
I dedicated a full year to chase the marvellous lights of America, armed with nothing more than my beloved Canon camera.
Sorry, I stopped selling those pictures and devote myself today to my new job as a UX/UI designer.
If you want to check out my portfolio, it’s at
Still, catching the light is my passion.
You are welcome to visit my new gallery at

the miniature effect tilt shift - Chinatown

Tilt Shift New York – Chinatown

the miniature effect tilt shift – 唐人街 Chinatown New York – Phoenix Liztomania from American-arts on Vimeo. A propos de la vidéo : Le tilt shift est une technique photographique qui consiste à rendre l’image réelle sous l’apparence d’une maquette de jouets miniatures qu’on aurait peint à la main. Elle devient …

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