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Christophe Kerebel

I’m Christophe Kerebel, the guy who created the photo and video gallery you like to visit and share my love for lights.
I dedicated a full year to chase the marvellous lights of America, armed with nothing more than my beloved Canon camera.
Sorry, I stopped selling those pictures and devote myself today to my new job as a UX/UI designer.
If you want to check out my portfolio, it’s at
Still, catching the light is my passion.
You are welcome to visit my new gallery at

Californication Los Angleles Venice Beach

Los Angeles Venice Beach Californie

Californication Los Angleles Venice Beach – Version Acoustic guitar Red Hot Chili Peppers from on Vimeo. Los Angeles Venice Beach Californie A propos de la vidéo : Une après midi ensoleillée parmi tant d’autres au cours de l’année. Sur Venice Beach Recreation Center règne une atmosphère de détente. L’endroit est comme …

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